Our region is leading the way on training helicopter pilots to fight fires at night.  There are costs and hazards involved but the move could also help firefighters get the most threatening blazes under control more quickly.

two firefighters hold hose in front of blaze

Firefighters work in high-stress, high-stakes environments, constantly making choices in the face of cascading uncertainty. They’re putting their lives on the line and taking into consideration everything that’s in the path of a blaze, including people, property, animals, and even environmental resources, like water.

Entire Gerlach Volunteer Fire Department Resigns

Dec 29, 2015
Gerlach Volunteer Fire Dept.

The entire Gerlach Volunteer Fire Department has quit, effective Thursday, leaving county officials to provide emergency services for the small town. Reno Public Radio's Julia Ritchey reports.

Gerlach's nine volunteer firefighters tendered their resignations in December, citing the demands of holding down two jobs — only one of them paid. 

Fire Chief Willard Gooch, a volunteer for 25 years, says they warned the county about a year ago it was getting to be too much.