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Reno Mayor Wants Tighter Security At City Hall


Mayor Hillary Schieve says Reno needs to consider tighter security measures at city hall after some disturbing incidents. Our contributor, Bob Conrad of ThisisReno has been covering this issue and has the story.

During public comment at last week’s city council meeting, a man played a song from a personal boombox after shouting obscenities during public comment.

Councilwoman NeomaJardon says that when members of the public bring in these kinds of props to city hall, it make her nervous.

“If someone wants to use something as a prop, there [should] be some sort of police check of it maybe before they plug it in or point it at us or whatever it is.”

One person was even arrested last fall after threatening to drink weed killer during a public meeting that included city council members.

Mayor Schieve says that other council chambers nationwide have bag checks, scanners and tighter security protocols.

“I think people should be checked when (they) come through the door. We’re very accessible when it comes to council.”

More discussion about city hall's security is expected in a future council meeting.

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