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Headshot of Carly Sauvageau. She is standing outside in front of foliage and looking away from the camera while smiling.

Carly Sauvageau

Contributor And Media Partner

Carly is an intern for The Nevada Independent. She lives and works in Reno but grew up in Tonopah. Because of her experience growing up in a rural community, she is passionate about the effects of local media coverage on rural communities as well as representation of communities not usually covered in the news.

Carly graduated from the Reynolds School of Journalism with her master’s degree in December 2021 and has been working part-time as a freelance journalist since 2019. She has made documentaries on the Reno gay rodeo and news deserts in rural Nevada. She has also covered local government, education, arts, and culture in Washoe County for This is Reno and Theater Scoop, both based in Reno. She also occasionally covers local government for The Tonopah Times-Bonanza.

When Carly is not reporting, she is looking to improve her camera work and editing styles by watching movies and talking about cameras with her friends. She also likes video games, reading, writing and making art.

Follow Carly on Twitter @csauvageau_1998.