Jazmin Orozco-Rodriguez


Jazmin Orozco-Rodriguez is a senior at the University of Nevada, Reno, graduating with a dual-major in journalism and Spanish. A daughter of Mexican immigrants, Jazmin feels connected to the local Latinx community and is dedicated to tell the bilingual stories that are relevant and important to the region. She joins KUNR after producing a bilingual documentary about a local Mexican-American drag queen that premiered in Dec. of 2018 at the Reynolds School of Journalism Film Festival.

Outside of school and work, Jazmin enjoys spending time with her close friends and family, watching films, and traveling.

Hospitals and clinics are federally required to provide language assistance services for individuals who speak or understand limited English. However, a study on health disparities found that nearly one-third of hospitals in the country do not provide interpretation services. Our bilingual reporter Jazmin Orozco-Rodriguez helps us understand these laws and what they mean for individuals.

Dr. Lemus standing on his driveway.
Jazmin Orozco-Rodriguez

Finding the right therapist can be challenging. The search can be even more difficult for Spanish-speakers due to limited resources and cultural stigma. Our reporter Jazmin Orozco-Rodriguez spoke with Frank Lemus, a bilingual licensed therapist in Reno, about these challenges. 

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Jazmin Orozco-Rodriguez

In Nevada, there's a growing need for medical interpretation and translation services from English to Spanish in local hospitals and clinics. So, how are we keeping up? KUNR’s Jazmin Orozco-Rodriguez reports.

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There is a growing need for more bilingual health professionals in Northern Nevada. To meet that demand, the University of Nevada, Reno recently kicked off the first program aimed at training English-Spanish speaking students.