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Sanders Defends "Medicare For All" In Carson City

Senator Bernie Sanders speaks to supporters at the University of Nevada, Reno.
Paul Boger
KUNR Public Radio
Senator Bernie Sanders speaks to supporters at the University of Nevada, Reno.

In his latest campaign swing through Northern Nevada, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders defended his plans to expand Medicare and forgive college loan debt.

During the third Democratic Presidential Debate last week, the Vermont Senator’s signature "Medicare for All" plan was derided as being too costly, largely by former Vice President Joe Biden, who has instead advocated for strengthening the Affordable Care Act.

Just a day later, on Friday, Sanders defended his plan to expand the program to all Americans to a crowd of 400 in Carson City.

“One of the things that disturbed me in the debate, is [that] I look forward to a serious discussion about the healthcare crisis in America, but I was not pleased that Vice President Biden distorted what 'Medicare for All' is,” Sanders complained. “In fact, [he] simply parroted the line coming from the healthcare industry.”

Sanders struck a different note during a second campaign stop on the University of Nevada, Reno campus. The senator focused, instead, on his plans to forgive the student loan debt of 45 million borrowers.

However, it’s Sanders’ healthcare plan that has helped secure the vote of UNR medical student, Alex Cabrera.

“I think, really, the only actual solution is a single-payer, 'Medicare for All' system,” said Alex Cabrera. “Anything else would just be a half-measure.”

Sanders also used a campaign stop in Las Vegas over the weekend to unveil a $2.5 trillion national rent control initiative and investment meant to build new homes.

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