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Event Provides Reno Entrepreneurs Free Legal Advice

Jun 13, 2016

Holland and Hart Attorney Doug Flowers (left) invites Reno entrepreneurs to ask any questions they have at his annual event.
Credit Natalie Van Hoozer

This is the second year for a series of meetings called 'Law on Tap' at the Depot Craft Brewery and Distillery in Reno. Here, local entrepreneurs can network and get free legal advice.

One of these entrepreneurs is University of Nevada, Reno, graduate Landon Gonzalez. He is in the early stages of creating his own outdoor apparel company and came to the event to learn how he can build his business from nothing.

“Really, more than anything, I’m interested to find out what the patent process looks like, the trademark process look like, and also, what’s it going to cost,” Gonzalez said. “I truly have no idea what to expect financially.”

Holland and Hart attorney Doug Flowers said that there is one common obstacle for entrepreneurs like Gonzalez:

“They’ve got great ideas on the business side, but they don’t know how to actually take that from idea to realization.”

That is why Flowers and other lawyers provide  informal advice on topics like business licensing, making contracts with third parties and investing.

Flowers, who’s a Reno native, said he does this for free because he wants startups and small businesses to succeed. That way, the greater Reno community can benefit.

There will be several other 'Law on Tap' meetings this year. In the future, Flowers would like to see more law firms and other professional organizations hold similar events.