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New Podcast Explores Homelessness In Reno

Jun 22, 2017

KUNR contributor Bob Conrad, and his team at ThisisReno, have been examining the issue of homelessness, especially downtown, and reporting on the issue for a new podcast called Solutions.

Let’s take a listen to the first few minutes of the first episode, featuring Ben Castro and Katie Colling. They’re both with the organization RISE, which stands for Reno Initiative for Shelter and Equality.


The debut episode of Solutions details how one Western community, Reno, is struggling with a rising homeless population. One advocacy group wants to see systemic change and they explain how.

Plus, Dana Nollsch visits local house-less individuals with the Reno Police Department, and we hear directly from those struggling to get access to basic services.

Season 1 is produced in partnership with Reno Public Radio.