Rancho San Rafael Going Back To The Dogs

Mar 17, 2016

Credit Alexa Ard

A county park is going to the dogs again. That was the announcement given this week by Washoe County Manager John Slaughter. Our contributor Bob Conrad of ThisisReno has the story.

Dogs will once again be able go off leash at Rancho San Rafael park in northwest Reno.

The pasture was closed to dogs last summer because of the drought, which forced officials to shut down the water source for the area.

"The concern by our parks experts is that we wanted to preserve this pasture for future use," says County Commissioner Kitty Jung, "so we closed it temporarily, and we're actually opening it earlier than anticipated because the grass and the turf is very healthy at this point."

The county is holding a public reopening of the park's off-leash pasture on Saturday morning