Sen. Bernie Sanders Visits Reno On Last Day Of Early Caucusing

Feb 19, 2020

Vermont senator and presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders said he expects a repeat of his victory in New Hampshire here in Nevada.

There was high energy and excitement as 700 people packed into a room on the University of Nevada, Reno campus yesterday, with people waving Bernie signs and sporting shirts with his face on it.

Bernie Sanders talks to the crowd at his Get Out the Early Vote Rally at the University of Nevada, Reno on Tuesday, Feb. 18.
Credit Lucia Starbuck / KUNR

For the most part, Sanders stuck to his usual talking points; expanding health care, immigration reform and canceling student debt. However, he also took a moment to acknowledge his recent success at the ballot box.

“We're going to win this election because we are putting together the strongest grassroots movement that this country has ever seen," Sanders said, "What we have and have had, we had it in Iowa, we had it in New Hampshire. We're having it in Nevada right now, South Carolina, California. We got thousands and thousands and thousands of people knocking on doors.

Kobe Conder, a high school senior and a supporter since 2016, said Sanders’ health care policy speaks to him the most.

Kobe Conder attended the Sanders rally at the University of Nevada, Reno on Tuesday, Feb. 18. He is a from Reno, Nev. and excited to caucus for the first time.
Credit Lucia Starbuck / KUNR

“Even just on Saturday, my mom had hit her head. She's in her fifties and I had to take her to the hospital. She didn't even want to go because she was worried that she couldn't afford the copay. I just don't think that we should live in a world that my own mom would have to worry about being able to afford to make it to my graduation,” Conder said.

Kaya Williams was also at the rally. She said she really liked Sanders’ work during the Civil Rights Movement.

Kaya Williams attended the Sanders rally at the University of Nevada, Reno on Tuesday, Feb. 18. She is originally from Stockton, Calif. and is currently patenting a beauty invention.
Credit Lucia Starbuck / KUNR

“In 1960, those pictures where he was in solidarity with African Americans, that really moved me a lot. I do like the fact that he's about free education. I really appreciate it. I think it's important,” Williams said.

After the rally, Sanders walked with voters to an early caucus site across campus, encouraging them to cast their ballots.

Recent polling shows the Vermont senator currently has a sizable lead heading into the caucus on Saturday.