Sisolak Sends Letter Blasting Trump Campaign For Violating Its Own COVID-19 Guidelines

Sep 16, 2020

Nevada’s Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak sent a letter to Vice President Mike Pence Wednesday, blasting the Trump campaign for defying the administration's COVID-19 safety guidelines. President Donald Trump spoke to thousands of mostly maskless people packed into two campaign rallies last weekend.

Sisolak asked the Trump administration for clarifications on their guidelines and what kind of support Nevada can expect from the federal government after the rallies potentially increased the spread of the virus.

The governor said he was confused and in “utter disbelief” over Trump’s decision to hold the rallies that directly contradicted the state’s safety directives to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Nevada is considered a “yellow-zone” by the White House coronavirus task force, and its most recent weekly report recommended that the state maintain its mask requirement for public settings.

Nevada has also imposed a 50-person limit on gatherings.

Sisolak’s full letter to Pence:

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