Washoe County School District Approves $76 Million For Facility Projects

Dec 21, 2016

A month and a half after Washoe County voters approved a sales tax increase for school building improvements, the Washoe County School Board voted to approve a plan on the first round of projects.

Reno Public Radio’s Noah Glick reports.

During Tuesday’s special meeting of the Washoe County School Board, trustees unanimously approved a plan that outlines how $76 million will be spent on school facilities.

Superintendent Traci Davis said she’s proud of the relationship between the district and the community, and added this plan will benefit current and future students.

“Today is an amazing day. As we talk about academic success, we get to also write a story about capital success," she says. "And nothing should be taken away from the work we’re about to do for our kids.”

Funding for the plan comes from property taxes, and projects include a $23 million addition to Damonte Ranch High School, $15 million in new land acquisition and nearly $16 million in repairs and upgrades.

The increased sales tax approved by voters begins in April, so the district won’t see any of that money until after this school year.