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In light of Uvalde, Nevadans join nationwide protests against unchecked firearms

A group of protesters, some holding signs, gather in front of Reno’s “Believe” sign. One sign reads “Background check.” Another reads “Gun Owners Demand Gun Safety Laws.”
Gustavo Sagrero
KUNR Public Radio
Protesters gather in Reno, Nev., for a March for Our Lives event on June 11, 2022.

Over the weekend, protesters in Reno joined a nationwide effort called “March for Our Lives,” calling for stricter gun laws.

Editor’s note: As a warning, this story includes language that’s not suitable for young listeners.

Students in Washoe County School District regularly participate in emergency drills. That could be preparing for a fire or an earthquake, but school lockdowns are also part of that practice.

Kristen De Haan is a local special education teacher who spoke passionately about that at the event.

“It is really traumatizing for children,” De Haan said. “So don't tell me you care about
f****** mental health if you are not caring about the children who are going through all of this right now.”

De Haan spoke to a crowd of about 80 in front of Reno’s Believe sign on June 11.

There was no main organizer — protesters took turns speaking. Kim Hobson was also in the crowd. She’s a grandmother and gun owner. She said a level of respect and mindfulness in gun culture is needed.

“Up until this point, the loudest voices were the people that said absolutely no guns or absolutely no regulations, and that's not where most of us are,” Hobson said.

Hobson added weapons like AR-15s aren’t needed for self-protection; especially when it comes at the cost of 19 murdered children and two of their teachers.

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Gustavo Sagrero is a former bilingual reporter at KUNR Public Radio.
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