Reno One Step Closer To Permanent Police Chief

Dec 17, 2015

This photo was taken at a press event in April 2015 when Soto was first appointed acting police chief.

The Reno Police Department doesn’t have a permanent police chief yet, but is one step closer after yesterday’s City Council meeting. Reno Public Radio’s Noah Glick reports.

When Jason Soto assumed the acting police chief role in April, he leapfrogged higher ranking officers for the position. Since then, he’s garnered a great deal of support from the community, the city council and within the department. Sergeant Paul Sifre and is one member of Soto’s staff who voiced his support.

“I have not seen morale at a higher point in my 15 years than it has been recently.”

City Manager Andrew Clinger urged city council to officially suspend their national search for a police chief. Clinger suggested allowing Soto to continue his duties under the title of assistant police chief, until he can meet the minimum requirements for the job, which include a bachelor’s degree.

“I think it’s important that in any executive position, especially a chief of police, that you demonstrate results," said Clinger. "Jason has demonstrated tremendous results in a very short period of time."

Mayor Hilary Schieve agreed with the recommendation.

“The biggest thing that can protect you is the relationship you have with your police chief and the relationship he has with the community," said Schieve. "You have certainly showed all of us what your relationship is in the community, and if this council doesn’t listen to that, then shame on us.”

As assistant police chief, Soto will keep his current salary of $142,000, and will not receive additional pay as acting police chief.